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API-64 Features:

Immediate Alerting Of Appropriate Personnel
Alarms and trouble conditions are processed immediately and paged to the person or group of people responsible for responding to that particular condition or set of conditions. Messages are assigned to an individual or group of people on a point by point basis.

Pre-Programmed Alerts and Presets
The text associated with each condition that is monitored is user defined and programmable. Once an alarm condition has been restored an acknowledged message may be sent. Acknowledgment messages can be enabled/ disabled for each point.

Detailed Messaging
Text messages of up to 80 characters in length are processed for paging to the designated recipient(s). This provides for detailed paging of the alarm condition as well as any associated instructions for, the pager carrier(s).

Priority Paging Of Messages
Each point can be defined with a selectable priority. Messages that are assigned a high priority will be processed and paged before those with a lower priority. There are eight levels of priority which may be used to sort messages by importance.

Escalating Paging
If a particular alarm condition has not been restored within a pre-defined time period a second message will be sent to an assigned back up pager user. Three levels of escalation can be assigned for each point. The time between is user programmable from 1 to 30 minutes.

Messaging/Activity Logging and Printing
All messaging activity is maintained in a data log. The data log is sorted chronologically and each event is date and time stamped. Events can be printed by date and time period to provide a hard copy back-up of activity.

Expansion Capability
API-64EM Expansion Modules may be connected to the main API-64 to increase the number of inputs up to 1024 points (1 API-64EM unit per 64 points). The expansion Modules are connected to the main API-64 via a 2 wire RS485 connection.

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Card Access
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Physical Plant
Chiller/Boiler Alarm
Building Management
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Production Equipment
Essential Business Systems
Computer Rooms
Telephone Systems
UPS Alarms

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