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API-8/232 Features:

Dry Contact / Wetted Voltage Inputs
API-8/232 is equipped with 8 dry contact or wetted voltage inputs. User defined messages of up to 80 characters are sent to a designated message receiver when there is a status change on any of the inputs. Multiple units may be interconnected to increase the input capacity

RS232 Input
An on board RS232 input port can monitor incoming ASCII event information generated by a host system. Events which are now reported via a stationary enunciator panel or an event primer can be reported via a wireless messaging device.

The API-8/232 may be configured to send all data that appears on the host system serial port. Alternately, the API-8/232 may be configured via the use of keywords or strings to page only those types of events required by the users.

API-8/232 interfaces with most alarm systems, monitoring devices and enunciator panels to provide enhanced messaging functionality and alarm notification.

The API-8/232 is compatible with Privately Owned and Carrier Owned Radio Paging Systems and Short Messaging Services available through PCS Providers.

API-8/232 incorporates all of the required hardware and software features so that it can operate as a stand alone device.

Product Benefits
Mobility - Personnel are no longer required to physically monitor alarm panels or event printers.

Technology Enhancement - API-8/232 adds value and functionality to technologies that are widely utilized (Critical Operating Systems and Paging/Wireless Messaging Services).

Speed of Communication - API-8/232 can shorten response times and eliminate unnecessary delays, reducing the costs associated with shutdowns, malfunctions and alarms.

False Alarm Reduction - Decreasing response times to alarm and emergency conditions can decrease the number of alarms that require emergency service dispatch.

Improved Service - Property Managers, security guards, medical staff and maintenance personnel can provide better service to their clients and customers by improving their response times to alarms. Interruptions to day to day operations that may be caused by fire alarms, evacuations, heating/cooling failures etc. can be reduced.

Critical System Backup - Provides added insurance against alarm or critical condition messages going unnoticed for a period of time.

Team Communication - Alarm and critical event information can be directed to specific individuals or to teams responsible for responding to specific alarms or events (Security, Operations Staff, Management Personnel). Critical event information is relayed to everyone who is required to respond in an emergency or critical situation.

API-8/232 provides a simple and widely applicable solution for communicating critical system information to people that are mobile.

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