Minitor VI
2-Tone Voice Pager

Whether during an urban incident or a wildland fire - you need to hear that message loud and clear. A 2-tone voice pager is ideal for emergencies where a rapid response is needed.

Key Features

Rapid, Rugged & Reliable

Motorola Minitor VI


  • Single or 5-channel models:
    • Wide-and narrow-band programmable channel spacing
  • Wideband receiver design:
    • single pager covers the entire VHF band, three pagers cover the entire UHF band
  • Up to 16 mins voice message storage
  • Message management: Next/Prev, FF/RWD, DEL, Lock/Unlock
  • Customizable alert tones and voice announcements
  • Programmable alerts and vibrate profiles
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • Alkaline battery support (non-Intrinsically Safe models only)
  • IP56 for dust and water intrusion
  • Location for asset tag
  • Intrinsically Safe (Optional):
    • UL certified intrinsically safe for hazardous locations: Division 1, Class I, Group C, D, Class II, Group E,F,G, Class III, T3C.