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SilverCom Distribution is pleased to offer the Motorola Minitor V pager through our Dealer network across Canada.

The Minitor V is a 2-Tone sequential pager with wide (25 KHz) and narrow-band (12.5 KHz) programmable features. It has a strong 3.6 volt battery pack, is slightly larger than the Minitor IV and is available in both stored voice and non stored versions; with either one or two channel operation. It is also intrinsically safe in most environments and situations.

With improved sensitivity and rugged construction it is a welcome addition to Motorola's line of products which include the Advisor II alphanumeric pager and the LS355 numeric pager.

All specifications are on this website but if you have any questions please contact us.

As a reminder, we can still provide repair and refurbishment services on most Motorola pager products. We are also able to provide Motorola paging products no longer being produced at the factory level. These pagers are built using original (OEM) Motorola or aftermarket parts and carry a SilverCom warranty. Your enquiries are welcome.

David Silverthorne
SilverCom Distribution Inc.

March, 2011