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Bravo 800

Colors: Black

Introducing the New Br802! This 4-line alphanumeric pager with blue EL backlighting and a zoom feature is available in Pocsag and Flex!

New Features
  • Back up battery improved...
    No need to turn pager off before replacing battery to retain time/date/messages.
  • Ability to name group capcodes.
  • Ability to customize the 3 Main folder names.
  • Uses the same programming hardware and cradle as the Bravo 800. New software is available via free download!
  • Fully Synthesized
  • 4-line alphanumeric display, 20 characters per line
  • Zoom in to 2-line display
  • Up to 30 personal messages, 15 mail drops (with label) and 16 notebook messages
  • Up to 16 capcodes on Flex
  • Up to 7 capcodes on Pocsag
  • Blue EL back light
  • Battery Gauge
  • Out-of-range indicator
  • Continuous message indication
  • Hinged belt clip holster with lens cover
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Time/Date Display
  • Alarm Function
  • Vibrate/8 pleasing/vibrate then audible/no alert/chirp
  • 3-speed page scrolling
  • Adjustable LCD contrast (0-7 level)

Download BR802 Pocsag ver.1.10 (.zip)

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