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PeopleFinder II

Next generation on-site wireless messaging/paging system. Handles both paging and two-way radio communications. Compact desktop unit with built-in transceiver accepts input from it’s numeric keypad, optional keyboard, RS-232, DTMF, and 8 alarm inputs. With its field programmable frequency selection, installation is simple and straightforward.

People Tracker

  • Built-in Display
  • Supports up to 1,000 Numeric and/or Alphanumeric pagers
  • Supports Two Tone Individual and Group paging
  • 2 and 4 watt application (programmable)
  • 450 to 470 MHz operation (programmable)
  • Natural voice prompts for easy Telephone access
  • Group paging
  • Instant Alarm Notification
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Encoder only version available


Paging Format POCSAG (tone, num eric, and alpha at 512, 1200 or 2400 bps
Squelch formats CTCSS
Serial port protocols TAP, COMP2, COMP1
Pager database maximum size 1000 individual pagers
Max. page length 500 characters
Max. pre-programmed alarm message 40 characters
Max. number of pager groups 16
LCD display size 20 characters X 2 lines
Speaker audio 1 watt maximum at >5% THD
Power Supply External 12V and 5V DC, 2A, DIN Connector
Weight 3.5 lbs
Temperature range 0° to +40°C
Antenna connection BNC
External keyboard interface Standard PS/2
Telephone interface RJ-11 female, DTMF signaling
Alarm/data inputs DB-15, 8 inputs, TTL voltage levels
Serial connections 2DB-9

RF Section:

Frequency bands 150-174 MHz (10 MHz no tune range, centered at 157 MHZ) and 450-470 MHz
RX channel spacing j25kHz (wideband) or 12.5kHz (narrowband) models available
Frequency stability 5 ppm (wideband) and 2.5 ppm (narrowband)
RX Sensitivity 12db SINAD 0.5 μV (wideband) and 0.35 μV (narrowband)
RX Modulation acceptance ±5kHz (wideband) and ±2.5kHz (narrowband)
RX Intermodulation 55dB
RX Image and IF rejection 55dB
RX Selectivity 55 dB
TX power output 2 or 4 watts. Selected via internal jumper
Modulation limit ±4.5 KHz or ±2.25KHz, programmable by channel
FM hum and noise 38dB or better
Spurious emissions -52 dBc
Applicable Regulatory Standards Industry Canada RSS Issue 5 and CS-03

  • Standard PC Keyboard – for alphanumeric paging
  • Repeater – if necessary

The above specifications are preliminary product specifications, and are subject to change without notice.

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