AlphaMate 250

The AlphaMate 250 – originally created and produced by Motorola - is now licenced to a Motorola supplier, and is available for purchase in Canada. The AlphaMate 250 is an alpha entry device comprising a standalone keyboard and display screen and is designed for medium to high volume alphanumeric paging applications.

Bravo 802

POCSAG and FLEX Colours: Black Introducting the new Bravo 802! This 4-ine alphanumeric pager with blue EL backlighting and a zoom feature is available in Pocsag and Flex! New Features: Back up battery – no need to turn pager off before replacing battery to retain time/date/messages. Ability to name group capcodes Ability to customize the 3 main folder names Uses the same programming hardware and cradle as the Bravo 800 Fully synthesized 4-line alphanumeric display with 20 characters per line Zoom in to 2-line display Up to 30 personal messages, 15 mail drops (with label and 16 notebook messages Up…

Bravo 502

900 FLEX VHF & UHF Pocsag The new Bravo 502 has a user friendly 2 button design, is rugged and durable, and packed with new features. Features include: Up to 12 alerts Up to 8 cap codes Message lock Programmable low cell alert Battery gauge Programmable powerup Message counter 18 personal message slots Message time stamp Time/Date display Alarm function Reminder alert Individual or all delete Backlight display