Bravo 502
Numeric Pager

Numeric pagers receive numeric messages via an LCD screen that is usually positioned at the top of the pager (top mount). The pagers may receive numbers that are telephone numbers, or they may be predefined messages sent via a coding system that can be inputted through the transmitting device. It’s simple and direct, and is used for on-site paging or through a wide area network. Use a numeric pager where simplicity is preferred.

Key Features

Easy to Use & Reliable

Colours: Black


  • Up to 18 personal memory slots
  • Protect up to 10 messages
  • Individual message delete or delete all
  • Backlight
  • Private time
  • Daily alarm
  • Time and date display
  • Time and date message stamping
  • Alert types: Melody, Chirp, Vibration, Vibration-chirp, Silent
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery low indicator and alert
  • Out-of-range indicator and alert
  • Unread message reminder alert
  • Duplicate message indication
  • Continuous message indication
  • Error message indication
  • Memory full indication
  • Memory retention