Bravo 802
Alpha Numeric Pager

Alphanumeric pagers receive both text and numeric messages that the wearer can easily and discreetly view. It's an instant and clear method of communicating, whether it is for on-site paging or through a wide area network. For direct, one-way messaging choose an alphanumeric pager.

Key Features

Versatile & Flexible

Colours: Black


  • Back up battery – no need to turn pager off before replacing battery to retain time/date/messages
  • Ability to name group capcodes
  • Ability to customize the 3 main folder names
  • Uses the same programming hardware and cradle as the Bravo 800
  • Fully synthesized
  • 4-line alphanumeric display with 20 characters per line
  • Zoom in to 2-line display
  • Up to 30 personal messages, 15 mail drops (with label) and 16 notebook messages
  • Up to 16 capcodes on Flex
  • Up to 7 capcodes on Pocsag
  • Blue EL back light
  • Battery gauge
  • Out-of-range indicator
  • Continuous message indication
  • Hinged belt clip holster with lens cover
  • Message time stamp
  • Time/Date display
  • Alarm function
  • Vibrate/8 pleasing/vibrate then audible/no alert/chirp
  • 3-speed page scrolling
  • Adjustable LCD contrast (0-7 level)


The upgraded model – the Br802 ATEX – has a European intrinsically safe rating  for use in high risk and sensitive environments.