Br828 Alphanumeric

Alphanumeric pagers receive both text and numeric messages that the wearer can easily and discreetly view. It's an instant and clear method of communicating, whether it is for on-site paging or through a wide area network. For direct, one-way messaging choose an alphanumeric pager.

Introducing the Br828

Key Features



  • Displays up to 500 characters per page, per message
  • Saves up to 200 messages per folder
  • Its large colour screen has great clarity and vibrant colours
  • Its backlit buttons make it easy to view at night
  • With a new style menu system, using icons, it has an easy-to-use interface, and has up to 10 European prompts
  • Program capcodes and baud rate through hand programming if desired
  • Program the frequency and other options direct from the software, using the USB charger and cable which is included  (no cradle needed)
  • The pager uses a rechargeable Lithium style battery, with good battery usage interval between charges.  It will last easily for a 8 to 12 hour shift under average use-case scenarios
  • It has AES-128 decryption
  • A belt holster is also provided