Alarm Contact Interface

Alarm Systems that transmit an Alarm Signal “over the air” through a Paging System. For emergency situations – whether it is to indicate Fire or Gas, or a Security Breach or Nurse Call, or issues with a Plant or Manufacturing systems, or any other situation where a Signal is needed, you will need an Alarm System to connect the alarm signal with a Paging System.

Key Features


  •  Dry Contact or Wetted (Voltage) Interface Device
  •  10 Contact Inputs per Unit
  •  Connect Additional Units for a Total of 4 Units (40 Contacts)
  •  Additional Units are Connected via RS-485
  •  Scope or COMP2 RS-232 Serial Output Paging Protocol
  •  Data Output at 9600 bps
  •  Mixed Dry (Non-Voltage) and Wetted (Voltage) Inputs
  •  Individual Pager ID’s for each Contact
  •  Repeat Selection for each Contact
  •  Fused Inputs
  •  Programmable with PC Software (Included)
  •  RS-232 Serial Cable (Included)