Paging Interface Adaptors

This type of Interface Adaptor is used to link operating systems, fire alarms, building automation controls and security systems to a Local Area Network (LAN), as well as relaying alert notifications to an on-site paging transmitter, pagers, email or texting to cellular telephones. It is used to send messages in critical situations to technicians, engineers, security, medical, and plant staff to indicate status changes in their system.

Key Features


  • Stores 1 GB on a SD Card that can be Transferred to a PC.
  • Can be Programmed using a “Stand-Alone” PC with an Ethernet Card or via the Local Area Network or Internet.
  • Allows Connection to Host units that Output Dry Contact Closure – (NO or NC) or Voltage Output – (High or Low)
  • Can have up to 64 Inputs per Unit with the Ability to Connect up to 8 Additional Units of 64 Inputs each using RS-485.
  • Also Supports Two Rates of Pulsing Inputs.
  • Can be Setup as Dry Contacts or Voltage Inputs.
  • Uses a Web-Based Programming Interface. No Software to Load.
  • Stores 30 Days Worth of Alarm Logs and can create reports with Elapse Time for each Alarm.


Programming Interface:

  • Web Browser with Connection to Local Area Network.
  • Direct Connect to Unit or Internet connect using TCP/IP.
  • Enter New Data, Find and Edit Current Data or Print Reports.