SPS-5 Series
Encoder Transmitter

An integral part of a Paging System is its Encoding and Transmitting Device. You may want to set up an Automatic Transmission of Messages or to compose messages on the go and transmit them immediately. Transmitters connect from nurse call or other host systems to enable the relay of messages to pagers for on-site applications, including alarm and security.

Key Features of the Series

Available Models

See Features and Data Sheet below for more detail.

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All models are in POCSAG format.

SPS5-V9S model

The SPS5-V9S is a complete Encoder Transmitter System, available in 2 or 5 watts, with one Serial Port.  It is also available without the Transmitter, and without the enclosure.

SPS5-v9E models (SPS5-v9E; SPS5-v9E-XL; SPS5-v9E-HP; SPS5-v9E-MD)

There are four Ethernet Encoder Transmitter models available – each with one Serial port and 2 Ethernet sockets and web configuration: the SPS5-v9E (2 or 5 watts); the SPS5-v9E-XL (with 5 watts); the SPS5-v9E-HP (with 10 – 25 watts); and the SPS5-v9E-MD (5 watts/50% duty cycle). 

These are available without the Transmitter, and also without the enclosure.

Compatible with:

  • Nurse call systems
  • Fire alarm monitoring panels
  • Alarm contact monitoring systems
  • Security systems
  • WaveWare products, including: STG, MARS, and SNAP systems