STG Interface
Protocol Converter

A Protocol Converter serves to convert SIP to TAP: TAP Protocol is the Industry’s standard for sending automated messages from a computer system or device to another system/device. SIP is a signalling protocol for voice, video and messaging applications, which include private IP telephone systems and instant messaging over IP networks.

Key Features

Features of the WaveWare STG:

SIP to TAP Gateway Include:

  • Ethernet Port – Supports Rauland™ SIP
  • Monitoring and TAP Output
  • USB Ports – Qty. up to 6 TAP outputs using
  • USB to Serial Adapters
  • Simultaneous TAP Output – via One or More
  • USB Ports and One Ethernet Socket Connection
  • Logging of input and output transactions
  • Supports TAP 1.8 and Rauland™ SIP
  • Proprietary Interface Protocols
  • Configurable via Web Browser
  • System Status and Logging via Web Browser
  • Discoverable on LAN using WaveWare
  • Discover and Reset App
  • Programmable IP based and Serial Com Port
  • Settings and Protocols