Daviscomms Br828

We are excited to announce the product launch of the brand new Daviscomms POCSAG alphanumeric pager. This will be a category game changer as it offers revolutionary features, with a unique look and feel.


The SNAP (Serial Network Alert Processor) system performs serial and/or Ethernet based alert detection and processing, allowing protocol conversion, repeat notification, escalation, translation, filtering, routing, logging, splitting, combining, schedule processing and reporting.   


For emergency situations – whether it is to indicate Fire or Gas, or a Security Breach or Nurse Call, or issues with a Plant or Manufacturing systems, or any other situation where a Signal is needed, you will need an Alarm System to connect the alarm signal with a Paging System.

SPS-5 Series

WaveWare’s SPS-5 Products are an integral part of a Paging System is its Encoding and Transmitting Device. The Range is 2 to 3 miles with 5 watts, depending on local terrain and obstruction. TAP Protocol is supported with the SPS-5 models. All models are in POCSAG format.